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Wednesday, September 22th, 2021

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Robby Fowler
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Discover a science-backed approach for identifying and solving the challenges sabotaging your personal brand success.

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Robby Fowler

There Are Only Two States Your Brain is Ever In

At any given moment, your brain is either in an executive state or a survival state.

Research has shown for about 70% of our adult lives, we are in the survival state, which is preventing us from accessing our highest levels of creativity, innovation, and performance.

Due to the amount of uncertainty and risks that high-performing entrepreneurs have to navigate through on a daily basis, it often triggers the brain's reactive survival state. As a result, we have found this to be the root cause of many entrepreneurs being bogged down by stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

This explains why a vast majority of entrepreneurs:

  • Experience burnout despite even meeting revenue goals.
  • Underperforming at some level and hurting the business.
  • Have lower morale and negatively both at a business level and a personal level.
  • Quit their business ventures altogether.

Everything we need to break through to the next level of growth comes from being in that executive state on a more moment to moment basis. When this skill is developed, it significantly improves your decision making, problem solving and revenue generation skills.

Just like there is a pathway to grow and scale a successful business, there is a science-based pathway to develop the skills of activating maximum brain performance at will.

Using neuroscience combined with specific technologies we now have access to, Dr. Eugene trains leading entrepreneurs to consistently unlock those exponential results both at a business and personal level.


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