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Bonus: Follow-Up Implementation Call

Saturday, August 28th, 2021

1pm–6pm ET

with Robby Fowler & Geoff Kullman

Robby Fowler
Geoff Kullman
Robby Fowler
Geoff Kullman

If you need to build your personal brand…

Find clarity on your ideal customer...

Or, want specific action steps to grow your business in 24 months…

Hear what one recent participant shared…

Deborah, coach & musician

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Results You Can Expect…

Your personal brand accelerator workshop will walk you through 5 main sessions so you’ll walk away being able to…

See success in 24 months with a clear, customized plan for growth…

  • Success—Define your exact definition and plan for success to achieve in 24 months
  • Sidestep Success Pitfalls—Follow a roadmap for your business and avoid the pitfalls standing in the way of growth

Secure and serve the socks off MORE of your Ideal Clients…

  • Positioning—Present your business as something powerful and unique compared to other alternatives and competitors
  • Dream Clients—Write more compelling copy to attract your dream clients

Share your personal story, You Are The Brand style

  • Pinpoint Your Signature Story—Discover the secret to crafting your signature story so you can share it with confidence

BONUS: Implementation Follow-Up Call

  • Get Feedback & Make Progress—Put the workshop into action, then get feedback and ask questions on our Implementation call, September 11th (2 weeks after our workshop).

Your workshop includes a workbook, recording, any notes taken during the call (PDF), a list (with links) for any recommended resources, AND a BONUS Implementation follow-up call.

Alexandros, performance coach

Listen to this recent participant…

Check out this participant’s experience…

Ron, leadership consultant

More Kind Words From Others…

Geoff Kullan

Mike Kim

I've partnered with Robby on workshops and private client coaching calls. I've seen his ability to create clarity from confusion and strategy from spaghetti. If you’re serious about growing, grab your spot.

Geoff Kullan

Daniela Nica

I can’t help but give a shoutout to my amazing colleague and brand strategist Robby Fowler! What an amazing job he does as a coaching mentor for my clients in my MentorMind program.

Awesome job, my friend!

Geoff Kullan

Jahbari McLennan

Robby’s consulting has had immediate impact on my business. In one session, we made a tweak to the title of an upcoming presentation. That single change unlocked a host of leads I would’ve missed.

Robby Fowler

About Robby

I’m Robby Fowler, a marketing and brand strategist with 20 years of experience. I’m on a mission to help personal brands put an end to…

Pitching to everybody. Getting heard by nobody. And settling for anybody.

Discover how to SECURE and SERVE the socks off more and more of your dream clients fueled by radical empathy. Rather than relying on manipulative marketing hacks or fads, I teach coaches, consultants, and creators how to use Radical Empathy to gain clarity, grow impact, and give the right clients maximum value.

It’s time to finally put your brand centerstage and know you belong there.

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